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Green Café

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While taking a course on the intersection between design, technology, and the future of food, I was asked to prepare a self-introduction sharing my favorite food-related product, company, or initiative. With only 2 minutes to leave a memorable impression, I chose to create a presentation that would simultaneously showcase my minimalist design aesthetic, my experiences studying abroad in Seoul, as well as my appreciation for delightful and innovative ideas.


  • Presentation Design


  • Solo Project

Borderless Design

In particular, I chose to talk about a unique café in Seoul owned by a popular Korean cosmetics brand called Innisfree. Known as the "Innisfree Green Café," it leverages Seoul's bustling café culture to attract new customers, while also cleverly appealing to their brand's incredibly natural ingredients — ingredients that are so natural they can be used in your skincare and desserts. For example, when I visited their flagship location (strategically located on the second-floor of one of their largest cosmetic branches), I had the chance to try a smoothie made with hallabong: a hybrid citrus fruit (native only to South Korea) that offers vitamin C when eaten or complexion-clearing properties when used in skin products.

While making my powerpoint, some of my key design considerations were: 


While studying abroad in Seoul where I first heard about this Green Café, I was actually pretty confused by the concept until I visited the store myself. With that in mind, I wanted to help the audience visualize Innisfree's wearable and edible products to prevent the confusion that might arise from a purely verbal explanation. As a result, I began and ended the presentation with images of their most iconic café menu items, which I connected back to a pair of parallel slides juxtaposing the brand's most popular natural ingredients with their final cosmetic forms. Additionally, these parallel slides were presented with cross-blur slide transitions to create an even more visually-intuitive explanation.

 #2: COLOR 

I wanted my presentation to convey the same light and airy feeling from Innisfree's natural ingredients, so I color-corrected each image within the slide deck to achieve a consistent, ethereal finish. This was especially difficult on the last slide since the images were sourced from different Instagram users who had applied different filters and taken their photos under different lighting conditions.


Unlike other classrooms where the projector screens ejected over a dark-green chalkboard or off-white wall, I noticed that our slides would be projected over a large white wall. Making use of this rare setup, I designed my slides with a margin-less layout and emphasized white space to simulate expansiveness and augment our ethereal, natural theme.

The Final Product